KBA-01133: How do I turn on logging for Spitfire Forecasting?


How do I turn on logging for Spitfire Forecasting?


Create a Spitfire folder on the c: drive of your workstation. Create a new text file with the name sfForcast.dbg. Spitfire will detect the presence of this file and create a sfForecast.log in the c:Spitfire folder. If the computer is a Windows Terminal Server, the log file will be named sfForecast_n.log, where n is the Terminal Server session number.

Additional Comments:

Be sure that Windows doesn‘t automatically add .txt to your new file. If you have the ‘Hide Known Extension‘ option enabled in Windows Explorer, you may not see that Windows has automatically given you unasked-for assistance and named your file sfForecast.dbg.txt for you.

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