KBA-01194: What are the workstation prerequisites for using the BFA, SOV or PD workbooks?


What prerequisites do I need installed on my workstation to open Microsoft Excel for Spitfire‘s BFA, SOV or PD workbooks?


Spitfire‘s BFA (Budget, Forecast, Analysis), SOV (Schedule of Values) and PD (Period Distribution) workbooks use Microsoft Office with .NET components for its engine. There are prerequisites that are needed on each workstation for Microsoft Excel integration to function:


  • Microsoft Office 2007 – any edition
    • with Service Pack 1 or later
    • with .NET components installed


  • Microsoft Office 2010
    • any locally installed x32 edition with .NET components


  • Microsoft Office 2016
    • any locally installed x32 edition with .NET components


Microsoft Office 2003 also checks for .NET 1.1 security.  Spitfire automatically updates your .NET 1.1 security when you open any of the Spitfire workbooks.

      To install .NET 1.1 security manually:

Additional Comments:

Runtime Security Policy for .NET 1.1 available in Spitfire Version 2.0.2395.39429 and higher.If Microsoft Office 2003 is missing the Primary Interop Assemblies, you may need to run O2003PIA.msi. Download from:  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=3c9a983a-ac14-4125-8ba0-d36d67e0f4ad&DisplayLang=en

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