KBA-01236: How to Enter a Negative Subcontract Change Order and Relieve the Open Commitment

Purpose & Scope:

Microsoft Dynamics SL calculates Commitments at the line item level. Therefore, to accurately reflect a negative CCO (Commitment Change Order), the negative change amount should be entered on an existing Commitment Item.


  1. In Spitfire, create a CCO for a committed Subcontract/Commitment.
  2. On the Items tab, click  and select Get All (or Get Existing and select an Existing Line Item).
  3. On the Item, enter the Change Amount as a negative amount (e.g. -10000).
  4. Complete and Approve your CCO.

When Financial Transaction Transfer is run in Microsoft Dynamics SL, the Open Commitment will be recalculated and your negative change will be included.

Additional Comments:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Microsoft Dynamics SL calculates Commitments on the line item level.  Example:  If your Commitment/Subcontract has an Item for $20,000 and your CCO adds a new Item with an amount of -5,000, your subcontract value will be $15,000, BUT the Open Commitment on Line 1 is still $20,000. Note that the Commitment calculation skips negative line items, so your Open Commitment for the Subcontract will display as $20,000. See KBA-01237 for instructions on relieving the commited value if your subcontract contains negative line items.

KBA-01236; Last updated: November 10, 2016 at 8:18 am;