KBA-01240: BFA: Default Threshold for Projected Work breakdown account lines


How do I globally set the Projected value in BFA to default to 0 (False)?
How do I globally set the default Threshold value for projecting a cost line in BFA?


By default, BFA assumes it should project cost lines after they pass a 15% threshold.  Starting with V2017, you can change these defaults in the BudgetConfig rule group.  See KBA-01176

But: BFA also learns from what you have done in the past for a particular cost code and account combination

Prior to Version 2017

You can change these defaults in xsfConfig. Use CompanyID=[ALL], and the Key below:

  • ProjectedDefault — Default for Value is 1 (projected = True).  Set to 0 to set the default to Project = False 
  • ForecastThreshold — Default for Value is 15.  Set to any number from 1 to 100.

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