KBA-01259: Document Types that require Microsoft Dynamics SL


Which Spitfire document types are strictly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics SL?
Which Spitfire document types should I disable on a site without integration to Microsoft Dynamics SL?


The following Spitfire Doc types are extensions to Microsoft Dynamics SL:

DocType Screen
AP Vouchers & Adjustments 03.010; with Spitfire features added
Billing Entry by Percent BI.PCB00
Construction Billing Entry BI.CNB;*
Invoice & Adjustment BI.BAM
Item Request RQ.100
PO 04.250; Spitfire document can print a likeness of the PO
Project Timesheet TM.PTA
Requisition RQ.110
Service Call Entry SD.200
Timecard TM.TCE

Given the tight integration, the Doc types above are normally disabled at non-integrated sites.

Additionally, these Doc types are related to corresponding screens in Microsoft Dynamics SL:

DocType Screen
Employee Maintenance 02.250
Customer Maintenance 08.260
Vendor Maintenance 03.270

Additional Comments:

Many sites (integrated and non-integrated) use a PO subtype of the Commitment document for PO-like purchasing functionality. Non-integrated sites that have the need may choose to use the AP Voucher Doc type, but significant configuration will be required.

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