KBA-01330: Why can I not attach a file to my document?


I‘m trying to attach a file to a document and the three icons on the Attachments tab are disabled. Why? How can I fix it?


There are three possibilities: 1) New document, 2) Newly reopened document, 3) Closed document, and 4) Access rights issues.

New Doc:

By design, the attach icons are disabled until a ‘New‘ document is saved for the first time. It isn‘t until the save that the document is added to the database. By requiring the save of the new document, Spitfire helps prevent ‘orphans‘ (files linked to documents that do not exist in the database).

So to enable the icons, save the document.

Newly Reopened Doc:

By design, the attach icons are disabled until a document is saved when opened. Saving the document gives exclusivity rights to the user and prevents someone without exclusive rights from attaching files.

Note: starting in V2017, documents save upon open by default.

Closed Doc:

If a document has a status that closes the document (Awarded, Closed, Committed, Approved, Rejected, etc.), the ability to attach files to the document is, by default, disabled.  The ability to add attachments to ‘closed‘ documents can be given through the role capability DOC | Can add attachments to a closed document.

Access Rights:

The ability to ‘attach‘ files to a document is controlled by the user‘s role. Some roles include the ability to ‘attach existing files‘ to a document and/or the ability to ‘add files‘.  In addition, the user‘s access rights to the document may prohibit the user from adding attachments. For example, if a document is routed to you as ‘view only‘ you will not be able to add attachments.  On the other hand, if a document is routed to you as a ‘collaborator‘, you may be able to add attachments.

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