KBA-01380: Acronyms and Abbreviations used in Spitfire


The following acronyms and abbreviations are used in Spitfire‘s documentation and system.

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AC Account Category
ADF Automatic Document Feeder (such as on a scanner)
AP Accounts Payable
ATC: Automated Task Control (used in Spitfire automatic workflows)
BFA Budget, Forecast and Analysis
BLOB Binary Large OBject (a method of storing files in a SQL database)
CAD Computer-aided Design (a file type)
C Closed (as used in the Document menu)
CC Cost Code
CC‘d Courtesy Copied (used in routing)
CCO Commitment Change Order (a Doc type, also known as subcontract change order)
CI Change Item (an item found on an Change Order)
CO Change Order (a Doc type)
CoBRA Competitive Bid Response Analysis
CP Cost Plus (a costing method used in Forecasting)
CSI Construction Specification Institute (a type of code)
Doc Document
EAC Estimate At Completion
ETC Estimate To Complete
FAC Forecast At Completion
FP Fixed Price (a costing method used in Forecasting)
FTC Forecast To Complete
GL General Ledger (used in Accounting)
GUID Global Unique Identifier (a way to identify data internally in the system)
HTML HyperText Markup Language
ICTool Installation and Configuration Tool (application used to install and configure the Spitfire system)
Ins Instruction (found on Route rows)
KB, KBA Knowledgebase, Knowledgebase Article
KPI Key Performance Indicators (found on the Project Dashboard)
LRIUDS List, Read, Insert, Update, Delete, Special (used for access levels of folders)
O Open (used in the Document menu)
ODI Office Document Imaging (a Microsoft application)
PAPT Pay Application Print Template
PCO Project Change Order (the same as CO, Change Order)
PDF Portable Document Format (a file type)
PM Project Manager
PO Purchase Order
Proposed CO Proposed Change Order (a Doc type)
RFI Request for Information (a Doc type)
RFQ Request for Quote (a Doc type)
RUIDS Read, Insert, Update, Delete, Special (used in Role capabilities)
Rsp Response (found on Route rows)
Seq Sequence (used in the Route Detail)
sfPMS Spitfire Project Management System
SOV Schedule of Values
SQL Structured Query Language (a programming language)
SW Supplemental Workbook
SYS System
System Admin System Administrator
TWP Technical White Paper (also known as white paper)
UNI Uniformat
UOM Unit of Measure
UP Unit Price (a costing method used in Forecasting)
URL Uniform Resource Locator (used to find Web sites)
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
XML eXtensible Markup Language (used by Microsoft Excel)
sfChest Spitfire’s change history and search tool (for audit trails)

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