KBA-01411: Batch Upload Tool | sfUpdate message: Your workstation has not granted full trust …


The Batch Upload Tool isn‘t launching on the workstation. An sfUpdater message is displayed with the message: Your workstation has not granted full trust to the Spitfire Application.


The Spitfire Batch Upload Tool is installed and trying to update. Check for the Spitfire Trust Certificate on the workstation; it may need to be updated to a newer version.  Spitfire Trust Certificate is available at https://clients.spitfiremanagement.com/TrustSpitfire.htm.

In Spitfire Version 4+, the Spitfire Dashboard should be running. The Spitfire application is fully trusted and the Batch Upload Tool is updated by the Spitfire Dashboard. Therefore, trust shouldn‘t be an issue (provided the Spitfire Dashboard is running when the Batch Upload Tool is launched.)

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KBA-01411; Last updated: May 18, 2017 at 12:30 pm; V4+