KBA-01411: Batch Upload Tool does not update itself


The Batch Upload Tool isn‘t launching on the workstation.  Various messages or symptoms (listed below) imply that an update is required

  1. Your configuration panel (gear icon) is empty
  2. You receive messages about MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging)
  3. An error “navto Dashboard with unsupported opts”
  4. An error “input array is longer than the number of columns…”
  5. An error that the “System cannot find the file specified”


The Spitfire Batch Upload Tool is installed and trying to update.   Try the following to push the update

  1. Log into your sfPMS site
  2. Click on your name (near top of screen)
  3. Click on My Settings in the menu
  4. Click on the Client Session Information tab
  5. Click on Setup This Device (on the Microsoft Windows Client line)
  6. sfLink should launch and open the Setup Device dialog.  if not see KBA
  7. In the Setup Device Dialog
    1. Verify the “Office Integration” button is green, if not see related KBA
    2. Check the box to the left of “Change History”
    3. Click the “On Demand Tools” button
  8. Confirm any folder paths, usually c:\program files (x86)\spitfire\tool name
  9. Close all dialogs, relaunch sfLink, retry the Batch upload tool



Additional Comments:

KBA-01411; Last updated: May 2, 2022 at 16:07 pm; V4+