KBA-01427: Why is there a prompt to install files when I try to open a Period Distribution workbook?


When I try to open a Period Distribution workbook in Spitfire, I am prompted to install files on the workstation. Why?


There are several instances within the Spitfire system when you will be prompted to install files for a specific tool the very first time that you attempt to use it. There are short, one-time only installations that occur with the first use of:

  • Add Files tool
  • BFA (Budgeting, Forecasting, and Project Analysis) workbook
  • SOV Billing workbook
  • Period Distribution workbook

Period Distribution Tool

Installed on the first use of the Period Distribution integrated functions within Spitfire. Invoked when you select the Excel icon on a Period Distribution document.

When you first open the PD workbook from the Period Distribution document, the system will prompt you to install the Period Distribution Plug-in for Excel on the workstation. A default file location will be displayed, but you may change the location if desired.

Selecting OK will install the necessary files folder location specified. If the Folder where the files are being installed does not currently exist, you will be prompted to create the folder.

The folder and files will be created on the workstation and the Period Distribution workbook will open in Microsoft Excel.

As the Period Distribution workbook begins to load, you will be prompted to verify that you want to install the Office Customization. Select Install.

When the customization installation is complete, the Period Distribution workbook will be displayed.

Additional Comments:

If the default file location is blank it could be due to insufficient permissions to the default folder. On Windows Vista or Windows 7 it can also be caused by UAC.  See KBA-01419 for instruction on properly setting up a workstation with UAC and the additional comments section of KBA-01424 for instructions on temporarily disabling UAC.

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