KBA-01469: Create supplemental doc for Pay Request Compliance Items


Pay Requests documents close once approved.  If Compliance Items need to be attached or edited after approval, the Pay Request doc doesn‘t allow any edits. For example, if you require a Certified Payroll Report for each Pay Request but the vendor invoice arrives on Wednesday and the Certified Payroll Report is due on Friday, how can you continue to update the Compliance Item?


If the Compliance Item is on the Pay Request, you cannot edit after approval. Therefore, once a Compliance item does arrive, you are not be able to attach it or edit your Pay Request.

The solution is to use workflow to create a supplemental linked doc to handle the Pay Request Compliance Items.

ATC: COPY ccbf20c7-e713-4b9d-817b-33fe6367467e * NEW; WITH LINK
ATC: SET Subcontract = *

Additional Comments:

Note: The GUID is for the custom doc type created for Supplemental PR Compliance Items.  Your GUID will be unique to your system.  For more information about the ATC commands, see ATC Scripts and Automatic Workflow and Index of ATC commands.

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