KBA-01531: Setup for Unsolicited Inbound Email

Purpose & Scope:

sfPMS can process all email that is sent to your site‘s email address.  For the most effective processing, some setup is required.


The Rules Maintenance Tool

The FileCatalogConfig |InboundEmail:ext rule establishes which file types can be attached to Spitfire documents (and included in the Catalog) through an inbound email.  The following filetypes are now distributed: doc, docx, dwg, eml, jpg, mpp, msg, pdf, ppt, xls, and xlsx (see KBA-01265 for more information about the InboundEmail rule).

The Code Maintenance Tool

An Inbound E-mail subtype code for the Correspondence doc type is now distributed.  Correspondence documents created by Spitfire for the attachment of emails are automatically given the subtype of Inbound E-mail.  This subtype can thus be used in predefined routes.

The Routes Tool

We recommend that you create a predefined route for Correspondence documents in a specified project and a predefined route for Correspondence documents without a project, both for the subtype of Inbound Email.  You should consider whether you want  the Auto option checked or not, depending on what works best with your route and any ATC workflow.

In addition, we recommend you allow room in between your Seq. Numbers (using 5, 10, 15 etc. for example).


Additional Comments:

Review KBA-01263 for the configuration of the inbound email account. See KBA-01532 for information about how the inbound email is processed.

KBA-01531; Last updated: November 1, 2017 at 11:46 am
Keywords:  e-mail, attached files, attachments, emailing