KBA-01563: Routee doesn’t respond, but the document needs to move on


Some routees on a document do not respond back to the email sent by Spitfire; they may phone with a response or hand in the paperwork at the job site. How can we accept their routes so that the document can move forward in the routing?


If you have the DOC | Can be designated as another users proxy role capability, open the document in order to respond on behalf of the routee.

The level of permission required on this proxy capability varies depending upon the scenario.

Proxy Capability Levels

  • R— A user with this proxy level can be designated (via a role) as a proxy for someone else. For example, if Joe has the Assistant role with this capability and permission and Tom sets up the Assistant role as a proxy on his Contacts detail, Joe can proxy for Tom.
  • I— A user with this proxy level who also has the Internal Staff capability with Update on the document can act as unilateral proxy for any external contact.  Many sites deploy the Internal Staff capability with Read and/or Update because it is used by the UI Configuration tool.  To restate:  Internal staff member who have update rights and also the ‘I‘ level of proxy can proxy for all external contacts.
  • S— The super proxy level. A user with this proxy capability can act as the proxy for any other contact (internal or external) at any time. Of course, the audit trail and route notes will reflect the actual user who entered the data.


  • Whether or not the ‘Thumbs Up‘ appears is based upon proxy permission for current routes when the document is opened. If you were the person who just ‘sent on‘, then don‘t expect proxy to take effect immediately. Try closing and reopening the document window first.
  • For  a user with basic ‘R‘ level proxy capability, the *other*  user’s contact record *must* point back to the role from which the user gets the proxy permission. This setting is on the Contact Details ‘Connections‘ tab. This structure allows you to create multiple proxy roles—ones that can proxy for Customer, another that can Proxy for Vendors and a third that can proxy for superintendents.  The project assistant might be assigned all three, but other employees might be limited to just acting on behalf of customers.

Additional Comments:

By default (as shipped) only the System Admin and Project Manager roles have the explicit Proxy Capability, and then only level R, which requires the reciprocal setting on the third party‘s connections tab. System Admin inherits global proxy from SYS | GLOBAL, which typically includes blanked ‘S‘ level permission.

KBA-01563; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 8:16 am
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