KBA-01658: Handling Payment Over Contract Amount via Approval Extension


Can we invoke extra processing if a payment exceeds the current contract amount?



The scenario goes something like this:  A Commitment (Purchase Order, Subcontract) has been written, and the Commitment is not capped—meaning that payments can be authorized that exceed the current contract amount.  Spitfire handles the scenario perfectly, passing the AP Voucher to the accounting system.  But in some cases, you may want some additional logic to inform the accounting system of the change.  Other sites want an implied change order to move funds from a contingency line.

Payment Approval Extension

During Payment Approval processing, the system detects

  1. That the current contract amount has been exceeded on a non-capped contract line
  2. That the TSQL Extension [custom].pu_SPROverContractCheck has been defined

And calls pu_SPROverContractCheck, passing

  • The Project
  • The DocMaskterKey of the Payment Request being approved
  • A temporary table (#OverContract) with an indication of the line(s)

The extension can create documents, budget revisions, CCO, or work with external data.  If the extension throws an exception, the Payment Request approval will be blocked and the exception message will be displayed to the user.

Additional Comments:

This feature requires TSQL knowledge and is not included in standard support.  Contact your implementation specialist for help getting started.

This feature is similar to, but also mutually exclusive to, the “soft cap” feature.

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