KBA-01718: Creating a Data Project


We’ve read Data (Parent) and Child Projects and we’ve set things up to have data projects as indicated in KBA-01717. How do I create my data project?


Once Data projects have been defined, any user with proper permission can create a Data project by creating a new Project Setup document and selecting Data as the document subtype.

  1. Mouse over the + Tab next to the other dashboard tabs. The tab will expand.
  2. Click the icon to create a new Project Setup document. The new document will appear.
  3. Fill in the Project ID according to your site’s established rules for data project coding.
  4. Enter a Description. We recommend that the description identify this project as a Data project.
  5. (optional) In the Customer field, either type or look up a name. This customer and corresponding address will appear on all child projects. If you do not want the same customer to appear on all child projects, leave this field blank.
  6. On the Details tab, select Data (or your equivalent) from the Type field.
  7. If would be a good idea to save the document by this point.
  8. Enter any other information that you want copied to your child projects (for example, a Tax ID or Retention).
  9. Either now or a future time, change the document Status to Committed and save. Data projects should be committed.

Additional Comments:

When you first save the Project Setup document, a Project Dashboard will be created for your Data project. This Project Dashboard is similar to job-cost Project Dashboards except it does not include the Key Performance Indicator, Cost Analysis or Site Conditions parts and does display a Linked Projects part.

KBA-01718; Last updated: March 27, 2018 at 10:10 am