KBA-01729: Adding Existing Items from Register onto a Change Order


We use the Change Item Register to track all our possible changes. How can I get a Change Item from the Register onto my Change Order document?


  1. Open or create the Change Order document.
  2. Go to the CI tab. (CI means Change Item.)
  3. Click the options icon to open the drop-down list then select Get Existing.
  4. Click Select Items at the Get Items dialog box.
  5. Select your Items from the multi-select window. All project Change Items that are not cancelled, or already on a Change Order document, will be listed.
  6. Click Done then, back at the Get Items dialog box, click Add Items.
  7. Back on your Change Order document, review your Items (including Budget Entries) and add information as needed.
    Note: if any Items have attachments, those files will be attached to the Change Order.
  8. Change the Item status as appropriate.
  9. Remember to save your changes.

KBA-01729; Last updated: April 25, 2018 at 12:23 pm