Page Numbers on Assembled PDFs

Did You Know?

If you route a document with attached files via email, all files that are designated Assemble on the Attachment Include option are merged into one PDF.  The RouteConfig | PDFMergeRenumberPages rule allows you to configure a page number footer stamp for those assembled PDFs.

News2015-05-06To add a page number footer to assembled PDFs:

  1. On the System Admin Dashboard, expand the RouteConfig rule group.
  2. Select the PDFMergeRenumberPages rule and add a new row.
  3. If you want to use the default page number configuration, type 1 as the Result Value. (The default configuration is shown in the first picture above.)
  4. If you want to configure the page number stamp, enter a string with the following options (shown below in bold) in the Result Value. Spitfire will use the defaults for anything not specified.  Separate options with semicolons.
    1. Bottom=n (the bottom margin)
    2. Font=font name
    3. ForeColor=any Html color name or #000000
    4. HAlign=Right or Left or Center (where to place the page number stamp)
    5. InBackground=0 (to place the page number stamp on top of any other footer) or 1 (to place it below)
    6. Left=n (left margin)
    7. Right=n (right margin)
    8. Size=n (font size)
    9. StartOn=n (the page on which to start)
    10. StartWith=n (the starting page number)
    11. Style=Regular or Bold or Italics
    12. Text=string (must be last and can include the following)
      1. # = the specific page number
      2. {0} = the merge time. This can be combined with :d and :t to include “as of” stamping.
      3. {1} = the total number of pages in the merged document.


means all these files:

will have this footer: