Vendor Pay Request Overview

Vendor Pay Requests list and track the ongoing payment requests from vendors for specific Commitments.

Vendor Pay Requests are tightly integrated with Vendor Commitment documents. Items on a Vendor Pay Request are drawn directly from the Vendor Commitment. The Item grid allows you to enter the current payment by percent or amounts and includes range checking for capped lines. A Vendor Pay Request can also be linked to a specific CCO. A project generally has multiple Vendor Pay Requests for each Vendor Commitment. If your site is integrated to Microsoft DynamicsSL, approved Vendor Pay Requests appear in the Microsoft Dynamics SL Subcontract Payment Review and Approval screen, ready to be posted and to generate and Microsoft Dynamics SL AP Voucher for payment. If your site is integrated with Acumatica, Approved Vendor Pay Requests generate one or more AP Vouchers in Acumatica.

Vendor Pay Requests can also be created during Batch Processing.

Dates in the Document Header
By default, there are four date fields on a Vendor Pay Request.

Date The date of entry or date the Vendor Pay Request is received. The date the document is created appears be default but can be changed.
Due The date the invoice is due.
Invoice The date on the invoice. This date is required for approval.
Approved The date the Vendor Pay Request is approved.


Liens Tab
The Liens tab on the Vendor Pay Request allows for both split payments and joint payments (integrated sites only).

Vendor The payee of record.
LW Reqd Whether or not a lien waiver is required.
Split Pay A split or joint payment for the Vendor Pay Request.
Note: Joint payments require changes to the Microsoft Dynamics SL check printing routine. Your Microsoft Dynamics SL Implementer should contact Spitfire for information.
LW Recvd The date the lien waiver was received.
Amount The amount to be printed on the check.
Note: The amount of all split checks cannot be greater than the Vendor Pay Request amount after retention.
Item If the row is associated with a specific Item on the Vendor Pay Request.