Adding and Changing Units of Measure (UOM)


How do I add to or change the Units of Measure that appear on the UOM drop-down on an Item?


The Units of Measure are configured through the UOM code set in the Code Maintenance tool, which is found on the Manage Dashboard.

To change the Units of Measure:

  1. In the Code Maintenance tool, find and expand the UOM code set.
  2. Add, edit or delete codes and descriptions. See the “Enable Units” section below.
    Important: if your site is integrated with an accounting system, the UOM codes should be consistent across Spitfire and the accounting system, in order for data to flow back and forth correctly.
  3. Remember to save!

Enable Units

When adding or editing a code row, you should indicate whether the code will allow units by enabling or disabling the Enable Units flag accordingly (as shown above).

  • If Enable Units is checked, units (Qty, Quantity) are allowed for that UOM.
  • If Enable Units is not checked, Spitfire will not allow units (Qty, Quantity) to be entered on Items with that UOM.
    Note: the DocItemConfig | AlwaysAllowUnits rule, when enabled, overrides the Enable Units flag.

In the configuration shown above, Lump Sum has the Enable Units unchecked. This means that Quantity is not allowed on a Commitment with a Lump Sum Item (and Qty is not allowed on its corresponding Pay Request). On the other hand, rows with Hours or Each as the UOM do allow units.