File Approval

If your site has automatic file approval (set up by default), every version of a file you check in will be approved. However if your site has disabled automatic file approval, manual approval on a version is needed before all users can view and access that version. In such a situation, if you check in a file without approving it, only those users with permission to see unapproved files will be able to access it; others will access the latest approved version.

To approve/unapprove a file through File Properties:

  1. Click Checkin/Checkout to open the File Options menu.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click the File Version tab. The Approval column tells you if each version is approved or not.
  4. Click approve now or click revoke now to unapprove a file.

You can also approve a file at the Check In File dialog box.

You can also approve files when uploading them through the Add Files tool.

View Latest Unapproved Version
If there is a version of the files that has not yet been approved, a new choice appears on the File Options menu.
To view the latest unapproved version of a file, open the File Options menu and click View Latest.