KBA-01255: Full Text Index on SQL 2005 Populates Automatically


With SQL Server 2005, population of the Full-Text Index can occur on an automatic basis. Spitfire Catalog searches of the Full Text Index should then always be up to date.

Requirement: In ICTool, visit the Full Text tab on the SQL page.  Check the first two checkboxes, then apply the Spitfire sfPMS package and check the ‘redefine full text indexes‘ check box when updating the configuration.You can verify your text indexes are automatically updating in SQL Management Studio, as shown below.

Additional Comments:

Please review KBA-01044 on using the text field in Catalog Searches. Using background updates of the full text indexes increases load on your SQL Server.

KBA-01255; Last updated: November 11, 2016 at 7:51 am;
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