% Paid Condition for Compliance


There are some compliance requirements that we don’t worry about too much at the start of a project, but do care about once a subcontractor has been paid a certain percentage of his contract (Commitment) amount. Can we set up compliance tracking to prevent payment for out-of-compliance requirements based on percent paid?


Yes. When you set up Compliance tracking for your projects, you can have a Compliance type be treated differently based on how much of a Commitment has been paid. To do so, you would use the % Paid condition in the Compliance Types tool (found on the Mange Dashboard).

How It Works:

Let’s say that you want to block payment for a Commitment if a Secondary Liener List has not been received once 60% of the Commitment amount has been requested and approved (through one or more Pay Requests). You would

  1. Add or edit the Secondary Liener List compliance type and add 60 in the $Paid field.
  2. Also, check the Pay Control option (if it is unchecked).
  3. Save.

Then, if a Pay Request indicates a %Complete that is less than 60, Spitfire will allow the Pay Request to be approved, even if the Secondary Liener List is out of compliance. In such a situation, a warning message will appear on the Pay Request, but you would still be able to save the Pay Request with the Approved status.

However, once the %Complete reaches or passes the threshold, if the Secondary Liener List is still out of compliance, the Pay Request will block payment (by not allowing you to save the document with an Approved status) until the requirement becomes in compliance.

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