Using AtCompanyContactList Lookups

Did You Know?

New and existing document lookup fields, meant to show the name of a vendor or customer, can be restricted to show only names that match the vendor or customer company already indicated on the document.

For example, if your Project Setup document includes the Source Contact field for the Owner company, and you want the Cust Approver field to hold the name of a person at that Owner company, you can tell Spitfire to show only the people who are associated wit that Owner company in the autofill and lookup.


Likewise, if you want both the Vendor field (to hold the name of the Vendor company) and an Other Approver field (to hold the name of the person with whom you’ll be communicating at that company), you can restrict the autofill and lookup choices to just those people associated with the Vendor company.

Other Doc types that might benefit from such company-restricted contact lists include Bids, RFQs and Submittals.

In all cases, some UI Configuration is required:

  1. Go to the UI Configuration tool on the System Admin Dashboard and find or add the field that will be restricted.
  2. On the Lookup column, type or select ContactAtCompany. This will resolve to AtCompanyContactList.
  3. On the Extended column, type DependsOn=#DocMasterDetail.SourceContact; (if you are using the fields in our example.  It is also possible to define relationships with other contact fields such as DocMasterDetail.ResponsibleParty, DocMasterDetail.OwnerApprover or DocRevision.csContactKey.)
  4. Save.

For example:


Keywords: Vendor name, Owner name, Customer name