Creating a Customer Submittal Package

There are two ways to create a Customer Submittal Package:

  1. From a Vendor Submittal document – use this method when you want to carry over information
  2. From the Project Dashboard – use this method when you wan tot start with a Customer Submittal Package

To create a Customer Submittal Package from a Vendor Submittal: 

  1. From the Project Dashboard, select Vendor Submittal from the Documents list, and open the Vendor Submittal.
  2. From the Actions and Options menu, click Create Customer Submittal Pkg.
  3. In the confirmation window, click OK. A Submittal Package document will open.
  4. (optional) Change the Description.
  5. Continue with step 3 in the following instructions. Please note, all open Items from your Vendor Submittal will be copied into the Customer Submittal Pkg.

To create a Customer Submittal Package from the Project Dashboard: 

  1. From the Project Dashboard, select Customer Submittal Package from the Documents list, and click Add.
  2. (optional) Change the Description.
  3. In To, look up the person or company the Customer Submittal Package will be shipped to.
  4. Save the document.
  5. (optional) If you have more than one Contact record for the To field, access the Addr tab and look up the exact person you want to receive the Customer Submittal Package.
  6. On the Items tab and from the Items Action menu, click Add New or Get Existing.
  7. Add attachments, create a route, or add additional information if necessary.
  8. Either route the document to another person or Save and Close.

You can reopen the document as needed to make changes.