KBA-01498: Submittal document opens the full width of the screen. How do I change it?


Most documents in Spitfire open to approximately 1/2 of the screen width, but the Submittal document fills the whole screen.  How can I change its width?


The Submittal document is set to open to almost the full width of the screen because the Items tab is so full of columns.  But if that doesn‘t work for you, you can set the width of the Submittal document (or any Spitfire Doc type) by using the Rules Maintenance tool.

To set the width of a Doc Type:

  1. On the System Admin Dashboard, open the Rules Maintenance tool.
  2. Select the DocTypeConfig rule group.
  3. Add a new row for Rule= DocWidth, Filter = Submittal, Result = 650
    Note:  650 is the number of pixels and is approx 1/2 of the screen and is the default width for most of the Spitfire Doc types, but 700 or 750 might work better.

Additional Comments:

Important Note: Changes to rules do not take effect until the App Pool recycles. You can specify the width as either a specific number of pixels (as in the 650 shown above) or you can specify a percentage of the width as a negative number.  For example, specify -75 for a document width using 3/4 of the actual current screen resolution.

KBA-01498; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 12:01 pm
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